I met Emma and Marco few months ago, in Eivissa…they were such a nice, fresh , full of life and love couple, that i asked them if they could pose for an engagement session… I asked Emma to dress how she felt better…and she chose to be just herself….a “Coachella” style. with some hippie “Eivissa” mood… Marco, a very easy going guy ,who has been traveling around India, Indonesia and Thailandia decided do dress with a white shirt and trousers bought on his trips..

I love those pics, becouse every single frame says :joy, freshness, mutual love , pure sentiments . Every single kiss was a pure and a sincer one…
Please, enjoy Emma and Marco LOVE
location: Es Cavallet in EIVISSA
make up and hair by Mariano Sabatelli ( to contact Mariano https://www.instagram.com/marianosabatelli70/

wedding photographer in Eivissa    wedding photographer in Verona


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