Love at first sight? Not this love story… or at least not for Jenny. Jenny thought Sam was too old but for Sam, it was love at first sight….with her calves.

They met each other through 7 Express, their co-ed Ultimate Team. Jenny and Sam became friends quickly after being logistically destined to carpool together to practices and tournaments. Their love for ultimate and snowboarding resulted in many a weekends spent together but slowly it became just the two of them on these adventures. They got to know each other on the fields, mountains and the many meals in between. Sam won Jenny over one spicy garlic buffalo wing at a time and they have been inseparable ever since.

How did Sam finally pop the question? After many, many, many years … During which Jenny reminded Sam many, many, many times how big of a rock he owed her for making her wait many, many, many years … Sam proposed (in Swahili and English) at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a huge rock … a volcanic rock (maybe Jenny should have been a little more specific on what kind of big rock she wanted). Blind from altitude sickness and filled with so much emotion, she cried hysterically and said YES! During their descent down the mountain, Jenny came to and asked “I’m getting a real ring too, right (the important questions in life)?” Sam replied “Yes you can pick it out (dangerous thing to say to a woman).”

When choosing a wedding destination, they decided on Italy because it is one of their favorite places in the world. The pizza, the pasta, the gelato and 10 pounds later you will fall in love with Italy as well. Lake Como was the perfect fit: mountains, lake, charming towns, boat rides and breath taking beauty (if it’s good enough for George/Amal, Chrissy/John, it’s good enough for them). After a trip to the lake to hunt for venues, they fell in love with Villa Cipressi and they knew this is the place they wanted to share with family, friends and loved ones on their special day.