Since four years , Ursula and Benjamin , share a philosophy of life based on respect and the ‘ love of neighbor , nature and animals . They seek to apply these choices in life everyday and so wished that such as an important event as their marriage , would reflect their choice of life . this is why they have select a location out of the ordinary , with a vegetarian menu’ , totally from biological agriculture with zero kilometer and fair-trade. i Have loved Orsola choice of using only vintage accessory belonging to the restaurant . and to use tables and chair who was recycled …. The total mood of the wedding was a “ real hippie -chic” event ..and bride, and guests dressed in 70’ies style


bride dress  : Yolan -cris

vintage crown  : atelier maretti

location :

props  : Edg

band  : b-katch

photobooth : Zest design

wp : Orsola Bertini Curri

wedding photographer padua


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