Stephanie and Federico…an Australian love story….. Stephanie, a tenacious red-headed bride, who has organized their wedding in Arqua Petrarca , staying up many long nights searching for every detail from her computer…and selecting me, among thousands of candidates …and Federico, a handsome Italian guy, who has found everlasting love in Australia, leaving his country for her.

Their wedding was all of this: beautiful, courageous, tenacious, filled with love and a lot of fun. I wish this couple a lifetime of the same happiness that has crowned their wedding day.

Their wedding was all of this: beauty, hard work, force , and a lot of fun. I wish to this couple, all happiness that has crowned their wedding.

bridegroom suit – Politix (
bride dress – Jasmine Couture from Bridal by Aubrey Rose (
make up and hair – Sere MUA (
Ristorante and Catering – La Montanella (
Floral design – Tra Terra e Cielo (

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