Italian Destination Wedding Photographer

Analog and digital photographer

For more details, please contact me and she  will reply. 🙂

Based in Italy, Daniela  specializes in both fashion and wedding photography.

 Given her background in fashion portraiture and styling, working with some of the world’s best magazines and fashion houses has allowed Daniela to develop her unique and artful eye for capturing the most amazing moments of your special day.

Having her photographs published on front pages and editorial sections of Elle, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar and L’Officiel, she is well known and respected in her field.

Her sense of beauty and light is elegant and timeless.  Daniela creates a magical environment while setting her clients at ease resulting in expressive and intimate photos.

Daniela adores traveling and her work takes her all over the globe.


Daniela lives in the romantic city of Verona, Italy, known for its ancient ruins, beautiful northern light and where Shakespeare set the scene for Romeo & Juliet. When home from her travels she adores walking her sweet and funny dog, Tristan. Relaxing with friends at the local outdoor cafes, visits to galleries and museum exhibitions of photograph, good movies and reading books  which inspire her and fills her time with joy .

 Photography has always been her passion, she loves telling stories with the images captured from the tiny details to the emotional moments which crown the love of on a couple’s wedding day.  badgeww  2018weddingchicksvendor style me pretty  Style Me Pretty - Member One Fab DayUnknown

How we will work togheter

About pricing:

The price changes along with your different requests.
 Please contact me to have a personalized quotation!

I kindly request you to write an e-mail, with time, location, hours needed and date of your wedding.

How we will work for  your wedding:

The day of your wedding there will be 2 photographers, from the preparation till the end of the party (10 hours).

This is the best way to have your wedding shooted in every moment and angle.

In a second moment, we will send you a selection of the best pics of your wedding, and you should decide the 100 best pics to use for the album/wedding book.
The album (30cmx30cm) is made of a special canvas print, guarantee for 100 years.
Along with the album, I will give you the entire selections of pictures (around 700) and the cd with the retouched pictures wich are in the album (I retouch the skin of the bride and everything it takes to makes them look gorgeous…)

This is the way I love to work, so that at the end,  you will have all the material with you, and be able to stamp any pics you are in love with.

Come lavoreremo assieme

Cari sposi,

per informazioni riguardanti i prezzi vi chiedo gentilmente di scrivermi una mail con gli orari e il luogo e la data del vostro matrimonio.

Il costo varia anche in base alle vostre necessità: perciò vi chiedo di contattarmi per poter personalizzare il preventivo.

Il giorno del vostro matrimonio saremo in 2 fotografi, in modo da scattare a 360 gradi e in stile reportages tutto il vostro matrimonio, dalla preparazione al taglio della torta e alle prime danze.

A quel punto, in poche settimane sarà pronto il vostro album che può essere spedito o recapitato a mano.