Nina And Chris , a lovely couple from NY , decide to have their wedding in super chic and trendy  Capri, a little island who face the Amalfi Coast ,  where  you can meet a superstar like Beyonce having a pizza or Madonna , throwing her birthday party .

Fron Nina ” The reason we chose Italy dates back to the early part of our relationship.  We both realized that we were of Italian decent, and as we discussed this a bit more, we realized that our families were from the same region of Italy (Campania Province), which happened to be just east of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast.  Nina’s Grandfather is from Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi and came to the US around the age of 13.  Chris’ Great Grandparents were from a town about 30 minutes south named Colliano!  When we learned this information, the dream of an Italian wedding both immediately popped into our heads.  As our relationship grew and we became engaged, we found there was no other place to get married!”

ph   Thefashionwedding & Gianni di Natale

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Ceremony venue : Gardens of Augustus

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