How we met:It was a brisk Saturday evening. Mike and Antoine had separately gone to a mutual friend’s birthday party. Antoine overheard Mike talking about comics. Antoine joined the conversation with his love for manga. The pair left and went dancing at a nearby bar. The night ended with the two holding hands as they walked under the lights of Hollywood…

Why Italy?

Mike and Antoine have a love and passion for travel. However, like with most, the pandemic kept them trapped in America for far too long. When they began to plan their wedding it just made sense to do a destination wedding because it combined two aspects they cherish about life: travel and their friends & family. Mike had always wanted to visit Italy. So, logically, they decided to get married there! Now they have a reason to return often to relive the most magical and meaningful day of their lives.

Why , select the photography style of Daniela?

Antoine and Michael work in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera. They have a keen eye for the power of storytelling through images. 

From Antoine: “Daniela has the rare gift of capturing the true essence of a moment in an organically beautiful way. Her photos are natural yet polished. Casual yet refined. Authentic, earnest, and breathtaking. We looked through dozens of photographers and knew instantly that Daniela was the one for us when we saw how she could tell a story of love through her camera lense.”

Antoine’s Tux: Bespoke – Miray Bik @

Michaels’ Tux: Bespoke – Joseph Yoon @

Grooms’ shoes: Jimmy Choo –

Makeup: Helen Phillips Dagdag Instagram: @dagthatlooksgood



Wedding planner

Flower Design



Antoine’s Tux : Bespoke – MIray Bik

Michael’s Tux : Bespoke – Joseph Yoon

Grooms’ shoes: Jimmy Choo

Makeup: Helen Phillips Dagdag Instagram http://@dagthatlooksgood